Civil liberties

We believe that the aim of legal education is to prepare students for practice, but ultimately it should also be a platform for them to explore the areas of law they are most passionate about. The Freedom Law Clinic aims to expand legal debate, critical thinking and analysis through its civil liberties projects.

Our students work on a range of topical issues. Last year this included producing published work on the restrictions to civil liberties during Covid-19 in national and international contexts, and a race and policing seminar series and essay competing. With input from leading academics, practitioners and students, our civil liberties projects give students the opportunity to explore in depth an issue they are particularly passionate about.

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Reviewing the Human Rights Act 1998

We will shortly be announcing a student-led project considering the value of human rights and the review of the Human Rights Act 1998.

Race and Policing Forum

In the wake of the death of George Floyd and the proliferation of the Black Lives Matter movement, students undertook a comparative study of race and policing in the US and the UK.

Civil Liberties in the Lockdown

during the first UK lockdown, students monitored the development and policing of pandemic-related legislation and compiled a report analyising the impact on civil liberties.


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